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ST: TNG and Beyond, Working Set Piece & Prop

11:08 PM, 2007-May-8 .. 4 comments .. Link


When I was a kid, I made myself a “Star Trek set.”  I still have it and should dig it out.  It had blinky lights, LEDs, car parts, and reflectors.  Now I have a beautiful self contained unit, run by two 9 volt batteries.  Here are some of the pictures.

Used by Data, Michael Jonas, Ex-Borg

Episodes: Booby Trap (TNG), Threshold (VOY), Unity (VOY)

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: Voyager

“Working wall-mount set piece from Star Trek: The Next Generation and later Star Trek series. (Paramount-TV, 1987-94) Molded resin painted copper with acrylic attachments. Fully functional switch at the top left illuminates a blinking green light at the center, as well as lights behind the grill at the bottom. Measures approx. 9 in. x 10 in., and about 4 inches deep.” – Profile in History

A COA did not come from the consignor but I am getting one that confirms that it came from the Profiles in History auction. 


Thanks to Jörg from the forum, whose eye for catching the permutations of this prop I can not match, this set piece has been identified!  This is actually pictured upside down and it, at least as of yet, has not been used on the Enterprise

This piece was created for the TNG as a Promellian memory coil reading device in the season three episode "Booby trap."  It came from the Promellian battle cruiser Cleponji and was later taken aboard the Enterprise-D.

Years later, it was reworked to its current form in the, coincidentally, third season episode of Voyager, "Unity." There it was used by former Borg to establish a telepathic link with Chakotay to heal his injuries.

This new information explains a lot about what the inside of this piece looks like!  There are several lights that are not even hooked up to any of the batteries yet still in place.

Oh, well, now I owe Jörg a beer!  It seems as though before this prop was being used to heal, it was being used to help deliver data on Paris’ warp ten technology and experience to the Kazon.  Now the second known appearance and reincarnation of this prop is now known to have appeared in the second season episode of Voyager, “Threshold.” It is unclear if this is a communication scrambling device to hide the transmission and protect Michael Jonas from being detected or if it was used to store and transmit the data, or maybe both! 

Extra bulbs (the green LEDs are the only ones that light up here)

Dust from time or the Promellian battle cruiser?

Here is a video of it ‘in action.’

             Link: View video ( click here )

Make sure to check out Jörg's webpage for other re-used props and good to know info!

"Booby Trap"



Untitled Comment

4:03 AM, 2007-May-12 .. Posted by Jörg
That's a device used by the Borg Cooperative in "Unity" to establish a telepathic link between the former Borg and Chakotay.
Here's a pic:

Untitled Comment

5:32 AM, 2007-May-12 .. Posted by Jörg
This is pure coincidence:
I was just going through "Booby trap" looking for something completely else and then realized that the Promellian memory coil reading device seen aboard the Promellian battlecruiser in that episode seems to be one of the earliest appearances of your prop.
Here's a screenshot of the device at trekcore:

The pink light is the actual coil.


Thank You!

7:55 PM, 2007-May-13 .. Posted by jonathansweb
Jörg, it is amazing that you even spotted that! I do not believe I would have found that. You have quite the eye!

Another one

1:55 PM, 2007-May-16 .. Posted by Anonymous
You're welcome. And here's another appearance:

It was used my Michael Jonas in "Threshold" as some kind of communications scrambling device when he was secretly communicating with Kazon.

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