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ST: TNG, Future's Ensign

7:50 PM, 2007-Oct-2 .. 0 comments .. Link

Used by Ensign Chilton (Allison Brooks)     

Episode: All Good Things

Star Trek: The Next Generation

"A distressed Starfleet uniform featured in “All Good Things…”, the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation for wear by Alison Brooks in her portrayal of “USS Pasteur” helmsman “Ensign Chilton”. The costume is a black jumpsuit with a command red torso and sleeves appearing double breasted with a line of significant distress across the chest made to appear as ‘scorch’ marks. The costume features a cast resin metallic gold and silver painted future Starfleet combadge affixed to a pair of Velcro placements and a distressed rank pin. The sewn in TNG tag reads ‘Allison Brooks’ and the costumer’s tag reads ‘ST: Voyager #748, N.D. Background, Alison Brooks, (Distressed), w/pip & combadge’ and is stamped ‘Voyager’." - IAW

The episode numbered 271 (Endgame, part 1) was whited out on the tag and 748 put over it. 
Was this for secrecy?
And, so far, this costume was never seen on any aired episode of Voyager.

This was used only when the ensign is being check by Crusher.  The one used for the stunt double was a different costume.

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