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The future of Blogagotchi

I am here to clear up the confustion of Blogagotchi's fruture! The fallowing quotes are of a conversation between me and Admin of TamaTalk, the creator of Blogagotchi. The first of which is me, the second is Admins' responce:
"There have been many rummers going around stating that Blogagotchi will be shut down (Or "Expired") on June, 23, 2012. Could you please help clear these rummers up? Is Blogagotchi shutting down?

Thanks in advance!
"It is indeed going to be locked down (but not closed down). By locked down I mean that all posts and stuff will be preserved and people will be able to see them. They will not, however, be able to create new posts, comment on posts, login or do anything else besides read stuff. The reason? The software is reall old and I have been noticing attempts to hack into the site."
I hope this helps to shed light on the future of Blogagotchi!

Posted: 10:49 AM, 2011-Dec-30
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Update 7/4/10

Well I don't have too mush news but...

I have decided to unpause my Music Star! He is a Kikitchi right now. He like laten music and plays the trumpet. His favorate toy is a skatebord.

Also I will be hatching my Angel in a hour and a half!

Well that's all for now! 

Posted: 1:43 PM, 2010-Jul-4
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4th of July!!!


Well since yesterday, I have unpaused a few more tamas!

I put new batteries in my V5.5. It was a paperatzitchi (Only one). After about half a hour, I mated it to a rosetchi. They had 3 babies (Which are now tots).

I also put new batteries in my color! Unfortuneatly, last time I played it, it must of got unpaused and departed.  But I decided to give it a try anyway. It hatched into a baby girl! At first I was irritated that I spent months getting lots of items and GP but to my suprise, it still had everything (Besides the generations of corse)!!! I was VERY happy to see that! Well about a hour later, it evolved into Sakuramotchi (The pint tot with a leaf on it's head). I also remodled the whole house into a castle as well as bought all the possable items (I had alot of money!)! It was 5 happy sighns and is bounceing arount the screen!

Well besides that only one more of my tamas had much of anything happen. My V3 evolved into Nicatchi (The acorn-shaped teen).

Well that's all for now!

Posted: 8:13 AM, 2010-Jul-4
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The tamas are back!

Sorry for not updateing yesterday! With the holiday neering thing are busier than usiral!

Anyway last time I posted I was only running my V4. That isn't the case anymore...

P2. Is a Zukitchi. Unfortuneatle, he didn't become the secret character.   
Angel. I will be hatching her in a groop hatch tomorow!
V3. Is a Mizutamatchi (The rain drop tot)
V4. Had a baby girl! (I have to make sure to name this one right away so I don't get another "Nameless ninja"!)
UraTama. Is a Purimatchi (The angel adalt)

Well that's all for now!

Posted: 6:38 AM, 2010-Jul-3
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Im back... Again!

Well there goes another 2 months of no updates. I'm not very good at this "keeping up with my blogs" thing anymore. Anyway at the moment I only have my V4 unpaused. Right now my V4 (Or what I like to call it "The nameless ninja) turned 7 meaning that the matchmaker should come today! Maby this time I won't get an unusiral character!

Well that's all for now!

Posted: 8:08 AM, 2010-Jul-1
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Update 5/3/10

Well some how even on a 4 day weekend I've managed to stay busy!


Anyway I have some exilent news! My brothers into tamas again! Since I don't know any other way of telling this i'm going to tell it in story.


Well it all began on thirsday night. Me and my little Bro. were jumping on our tranpinine. We were just talking like usiral when I started to talk about vintage tamas. Insted of shooing me away like usiral he actually seemed interested! That's when I asked him 'Do you like vintage tamas?' and to my suprise he said yes! Ok skipping to the next morning. We were talking like always when I broght up his old Music Star that went lost ages ago. I can't remember exactally what he said but he said if I could find it he would be happy to play it. Now this is were it get's really weird! As he said that a flash-back of him setting it down on an old chair ran through my mind! I would think I would be some what taken back by that experiance but at the time all I was worried about if finding that tama. So I ran to the chair and looked under the cushens and... nothing. It was then that I noticed a small tear ,bearily big enough to squeeze my hand into, in the chair. Well I reached inside and felt along. At first nothing but just I was about to give up my hand bumped something! It was his tama! It's battery was still working and it was a Chamametchi! Well from there on he's been takeing great care of his tama. Eventially it evolved into the adalt female verson of Mametchi. Well that's his story!...


But it dosen't end there! Because the second good news is.... I boght an UraTama and he boght an EnTama! We just ordered them yesterday and they will hopefully be here in a few weeks!


Well now about my tamas. I've unpaused a few more over the weekend! Eatherway here is the updates!


P2. Departed at age 17. He was so very needy at his age. I'll miss him.

Angel. Evolved into Pukuten (The chubby angel)

V2. Is the starfish tot!

V3. Has a baby boy!

V4. Is an unusiral teen.

Music Star. Sadily departed because he got un-paused. It's just like in DC. (You can find that story somewere in my TamaTalk blog). I don't seem to have much luck with this one.


Well I think that's everything!

Posted: 5:50 AM, 2010-May-3
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Other Blogs

Well nothing has happened to my tamas but I thoght I'd give you all the links to my other 3 tama blogs!

Here is my TamaTalk Tama-Blog

Here is my TamaZone Tama-Blog

Here is my Blogger Tama-Blog


Well that's all for now!

Posted: 8:11 AM, 2010-Apr-30
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Sorry that I didn't get the chance to update more yesterday. I've been pretty busy latly but I do have some good news! After today I have a 4 day weekend! And since I have little to no plans it will be the perfect way to finally take a small break from my busy life.


Anyway nothing new with my tamas. My P2 is still becomeing needier but I say that every day!


Any I guess thats all I have to day! 

Posted: 6:23 AM, 2010-Apr-29
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Angel tot

Well as I'm sure can gess my angel is a tot now! Unfortionally because of the 'sound problem' my poor angel has lost it's harts in hunger and happyness a few times. I'm hopeing to get the helthy teen and then Genji Angel! I just find him adorable!


Well that's all for now!

Posted: 6:20 PM, 2010-Apr-27
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Angel Time!

I've decided it's time for me to run another angel! It's is a baby risgt now, and.... well that's it! Oh wailtI forgot I havn't told you guys about my angels 'problem'. Well a while back the sound wasn't working as often (It would work sometimes and not other times). Well eventially it got to the point to where it never made sound... and that brings me up to now. The thing is the so caled 'motion senser' it actually a sound senser! So no sound = no way to scare away the bad = no points on the deeds meeter. Dispite that I can still get very good helth characters even with 0 deeds. It really is an easy tama to care for.


Still nothing new with my P2. He is still becomeing needier and needier every day!


Well that's all for now! 

Posted: 4:22 PM, 2010-Apr-27
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Last night

Well unfortionally my Hashizotchi's (P2) bathroom scegiral is very clost to it's sleep scegiral. In other words it fell asleep next to poo. I know that can really affact a tama in a negitive way so I wonder it if made my Hashizotchi any needier?

Well that's all for now!

Posted: 6:20 AM, 2010-Apr-27
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Hello Blogagotchi!

Hello everyone and welcome to my Tama-Blog. Here you can read up about my tamagotchi experiances as well as my other intrests (Such as Club Penguin), but mainly about my tamas.

Hmmm... where to start... I've been collecting tamas since 2007 and now have 19! Here is a list of them as well as my tamagotchi extras..


P2 (Blue with yellow buttons)
Japanese Angel (White)
V1 (Purple)
V2 (Blue flowers shell with pink buttons)
V3 (Red with white buttons)

V3 (Green with orange buttons)
V4 (Blue with tan buttons)
V4.5 (Green with purple buttons)
V4.5 (Globe)
V4.5 (Fireball shell)
V4.5 (Blue)
V5 (White)
V5 (Cotton candy shell with pink buttons)
V5.5 (Red carpet shell)
V5.5 (Blue with purple stars shell)
Music Star (Red keyboard shell)
Color (Yellow shell)

Tamas in package!

Music Star (Red keyboard shell)
Music Star (Blue headphones shell)

Tama extras!

Tama leash x4
Tama charms x?
Tama trading cards x?
Tama PC game x2 (The one that came with the V5.5)
Tama PC pack
Tamagotchi Party On Wii game
Tamagotchi Corner Shop 2
Tamagotchi Corner Shop 3
Tamagotchi Mimitchi Pouch
Tamagotchi Itchigotchi Pouch
Tamagotchi GBA

I think I got it all!

As of now I'm only running my P2 but I plan on starting up my old Angel in the neer feuture.

Right now my P2 is Hashizotchi (The best bad care adalt(The reason I'm getting 'Bad' care characters is because I'm trying to get all of the characters! That and I think thier cute!))

Hashizotchi is 11 now and is starting to become needy. He's gotten sick for no reason a few times. Being a mid-helth character I'm not sure how long he;ll be around.

As of now I only need Zukitchi (The caricter that turns into the secret character) and Zachi (The secret character).

Well sorry I couldn't make this post longer but I've got to go!

Well see ya later!

Posted: 6:44 PM, 2010-Apr-26
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