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That Multi Wonder Cab

6:37 PM, 2009-Jun-19 .. 0 comments .. Link

This multicab wonder I bought in Cebu the month of  January 2008 proved and turns out to be a big surprise. I timed my going back there when PS informed me that my last pay check was ready. So with the blessings of my family, off I went to Cebu. Mission: find a reasonably priced and good condition  cab. I could have just bought it in Butuan City but the prices there are a little bit higher  and engine condition are a far cry from those coming from Cebu. After all Cebu is the Multicab capital of the country. I surprise my former landlady when she saw me coming to her doorstep. " Archie, naa man lagi ka diri?!! Balik ka trabaho call center? " " ( Archie your here!  You going back to work in the call center?)  I said no just visiting and shoping for a cab and get my paycheck. I ask her if I could stay for about a week or so and she offered me a vacant room just for me. So when I refreshed myself I immediately went to work. It was still a wedsnesday so I visited shops and tried to ask around. It seems all the stores I went through were selling at  astronomical prices. But i practiced patience and finally after doing some "Surveys", I finally went to JRA Surplus located in Cabancalan Mandaue City, about 150 meters away was Cebu Sendai Motors. I scouted it too. I met Marvin of JRA a bald guy who talk so covincingly that finally after I selected the unit in their "Bodega" agreed to get a cab from them. It was just a 4x2 6 valve with CDI( direct fuel inject). Marvs taught me where to buy the cheapeat canopy,backseats and stepboard. And when the cab was ready after a week, He even help me brought the vehicle to the pier for shipment and arrange the payment of freight with Sulpicio lines.  I only spent about P 80,000 freight included. And the paycheck was a big blessing as well.

And so this multi wonder cab, which has climb barrio tungao, a town located at the hinterlands with unforgiving roads and almost impossible climb, but it manage to climb through. It has survive a 4 hour ride going to Duka Bay, and it's a delight to see it ever so useful for our everyday use specially in bringing and fetching the kids to school. I will never trade this cabby for anything else. Thats my wonder cabby!

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