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Most Active Blogs

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Hello. Taiyo got back yesterday. She gave Magnet and I a milk chocolate bar to share, and Bjorn a dark chocolate bar, some round crackers(he likes them, we don't), and some coffee. She also got a bunch of tupperware! And she was given a bunch of easter eggs. Yum yum! Good Kitty is being an asshole right now, and Satan Cat is being nice. Very strange. Bye. HehKitty55

So it's pretty obvs that nobody uses this site, and that would change if we could actually LOG IN. Anyway, hey. I'll probably abandon this site in a while like i kinda do.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014: I haven't updated in a little while now because things were quiet.  Forest passed away today.  I thought that he would change into a secret character, but he didn't sadly. I just started another Morino and his name is Tuckie. I really love the Morino Tamagotch. There is always such a mystery as to who you will get. Cherub is sooooo demanding now. He ... (more)

this is the best book report I've ever written. What the hell The diverse fictional worlds that exist within novels are delicately held together by an unspoken agreement between the reader and the author. Novels are personal, written by a single person who attempts to expand their imagination and create believable characters and settings- shooting for a fiction which the reader can eas... (more)

No class. Wee. I do however, already have a ton of homework. Not so wee. I killed my Tamagotchi pal on my app. I had Kuchipatchi for a hot second. I didn't look at it for maybe 30 minutes and i came back to an angel floating there. *Sigh* Kuchi was the highest care character I've gotten so far, so I guess I should be happy. I haven't decided if I want to reset it or ... (more)

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