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Most Active Blogs

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I am pretty close to finishing my Pokemon Emerald hack! All I need to do now is finish the overworld sprites! Oh yeah, my burn is completely healed! There is a slight scar, but that's it. Now I wanna go swimming. Magnet went swimming a couple of days ago, but I didn't go because I only have one more swim pass and I want to go swimming with Taiyo AND Magnet. Nighty night. HehKitty55

Thursday, August 21, 2014: Due to health anxiety, etc. I haven't gotten around to update as much as I would like to. Regardless, Archibald, my Ginjirotchi of 13 years has been coming to work with me every day. And most days Taddy comes along as well! :) Taddy made the change into adulthood last weekend and became a Kabutchi. A character who I believe to be the most adorable of all the Osutchi... (more)

Sooo. S'up? I made it to the second day. I kinda assumed that I'd give up this blog, but I'm going strong.ANYWAY, today was horrifying to the extreme. My friend, Bee, has gone and... had a party w/o me! :^( I was getting my English workbook (boo, on a Friday!!!) and Coral comes up to me, "Oh, remember, bring your pjyamas to Bee's party!". I was DEVASTATED. Eh, not really.... An... (more)

this is the best book report I've ever written. What the hell The diverse fictional worlds that exist within novels are delicately held together by an unspoken agreement between the reader and the author. Novels are personal, written by a single person who attempts to expand their imagination and create believable characters and settings- shooting for a fiction which the reader can eas... (more)

No class. Wee. I do however, already have a ton of homework. Not so wee. I killed my Tamagotchi pal on my app. I had Kuchipatchi for a hot second. I didn't look at it for maybe 30 minutes and i came back to an angel floating there. *Sigh* Kuchi was the highest care character I've gotten so far, so I guess I should be happy. I haven't decided if I want to reset it or ... (more)

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