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My Tamagotchi Diary

Quick Update on Kenji and Ian

Posted on 2007-Aug-8 at 11:59 PM in Growth Report
I'm so happy! Kenji was indeed visited by the matchmaker at 7pm. Kenji has just turned 6 yrs old at around 4pm, and I wished that in case the matchmaker does visit him, she'll match Kenji with another universal character like him. And she did! Kenji was matched with Pyonkotchi, which he readily agreed to and the pair had a baby girl (which is also what I had hoped).

About Ian, he graduated from school this afternoon and got offered jobs right away. However, he didn't pass in any of the 5 jobs. I'm not really surprised because his skill points were pretty low. I then spent more time playing games with him, and finally around 5pm - he received another notification mail. And this time, he passed on the interview and works at the hospital now.

Here's a photo of the boys taken this afternoon. Note that Kenji is still a bachelor in this shot.

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