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Name: Dennis .
Gender: Male
Birthday: 1990-Apr-28 (Age: 23)
IM Screen Name: dennis_ryan80 (Yahoo!)
Location: Canada

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Tamagotchi, other virtual pets, reading, computers, the internet, baking, cooking..

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My Tamagotchi Logs69 entries, 12 comments
Tamagotchi Connection And Incarnations458 entries, 27 comments
Day to day experiences with my Tamagotchi Connection, as well as other Tams such as Angelgotch, Genjintch, Morino and more. These are a continuation of the Logs I once kept of my 90s Tamagotchi, which can be found on another page. Hope you enjoy reading what I've had fun writing for over a year now! :)
Tamagotchi Ocean10 entries, 3 comments
My experiences with my new US Tamagotchi Ocean. I shall post my two logs with Umino Tamagotch, the Japanese version here as well at some point!