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Rocky The Half Pug Half Shi Tzu


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Rocky the Mixed Pug - Well look whos back!

Well this weekend, I am babysitting my uncles dogs Juliette and Lucy =D Well rocky should be glad they are back with him, but not so much Juliette. Since day one Juliette does not like rocky for some curious reason. Hmmm I am not sure why but it is very awkward, hard to get don't you think XD

Well I have noticed a weird love triangle between the 3 dogs......... Lucy likes Rocky but Rocky likes Juliette,but Juliette likes Lucy. Yes how awkward Juliette likes a girl XD.

Well poor rocky is stuck with very hyper Lucy. Well overall they are great together , way better than the first time they met, I guess they got use to eachother. Well in 2 weeks, they will be coming back again because my Unlce is going away to New York. The reason why they are staying this weekend is because he has a wedding, in Montreal. Which is about 6-7 hours away from us. Anyways I will keep you posted later =D


Rocky and Sammi

Posted: 11:57 AM, 2008-Sep-7
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Rocky The Mixed Pug -Rocky has a GF!

Well 2 weeks ago I had to leave Rocky with my Uncle and his Fiance'! They have 2 dogs of there own also. Lucy and Julliet remember them? Well While I was gone Rocky got a Girlfriend. Can someone guess who his girlfriend is....? It is...


Such a cute couple eh? Don't believe me? HERE ARE SOME PICS!

 < That is my uncle with Lucy (LEFT) and Rocky (RIGHT)

They are Looking at eachother. They are here with my Uncle again!

Anyways here are some pics of him at my uncles when I was on vacation:

Not that clear heres one more


Well thats it! Thanks!

Posted: 1:35 PM, 2008-Aug-31
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Rocky the Mixed Pug -Updates

hey guys wassup! Well as you can see my blogagotchi hasnt been writen in for a while. I am so sorry to everyone who reads  my blog, didnt find any updates. This post is just about rockys updates/stats. Then I will post what happend while I was gone -TEEHHEE you have to find out-

Anyways: Rockys overall stats:


Hungry: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ( FULL )

Happiness: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ( NEARLY FULL )

Mood:  Confused

Hes great I will write as soon as possible

Posted: 1:35 PM, 2008-Aug-31
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Rocky the Half Pug - The Sprinkler Park and Pictures

heyy guys! Well today we went to the water sprinklers and rocky ran right threw them he got a little wet he was soo cute! It was scorching hot, no wonder he liked it lol! Well I know you have been waiting for this NEW PICTURES!

Thats Rocky lazy as always ^^ lol

Then rocky lazy again

  < cutie


Well those are the Pictures Happy :-]

Posted: 11:14 AM, 2008-Jul-6
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Rocky the Half Pug - New Pictures!

hello everyone,well I am going to get some pictures of rocky so stay tuned ( thats if i remember )





Posted: 11:14 AM, 2008-Jul-6
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Rocky the Half Pug - Some Latest News

hey peoples, I havn't been posting lately, I think its just lazyiness, I can see my Blog is dead *gravestone* LOL anyways, Rocky is doing awseom, he actually I think   got bigger. I got some new pictures I will post later on today, In a new blog!! And I also noticed rocky's nose is actually getting PINK! it is sooo funny, and rocky's chest is actually getting whiter, well when he stands up or when he is  lieing down! Well he knows a few tricks now! He Currently Knows:

  • Sit
  • LieDown
  • Jump
  • Shake Hands (PAWS)

Tricks I am going to Teach him:

  • Spin

I know how to teach him Spin!!! Just Grab his tail gently and then he will eventually start spining and then he will know how to Spin, I think that Will be the easyist Trick!! If you have any more SUGGESTIONS OR COMMENTS  about more tricks I can teach Him Please Feel free to give me an IDEA!!


Yours Truley,


Posted: 4:15 PM, 2008-Feb-15
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Hey guys here are some new pictures of Rocky!! Take a Peek the New Porfilin' Stylin Rocky!:





Thats all for now!


Posted: 3:20 PM, 2008-Feb-15
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Rocky the Half Pug - Christmas and New Years

hey guys, rocky is doing great he got great gifts like

  • 2 balls on a rope
  •  Lots of Treats
  • And Something else??

But i think he likes them anyways




Posted: 11:31 AM, 2008-Jan-2
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Rocky The Half Pug - A Wonderful Surprise

Yes for the first time, a couple days ago my little rocky experianced seeing my cousin from europe! Him and my cousin and aunt were thrilled. The have a dog of there own back home that they miss very much. His name is Blacky. Rocky and Blacky, Blacky and Rocky.. very catchy! LOL anyways he likes them soo much. Well as the holidays are rolling around... its just 2 days till christmas! : - ] YAYAYA! Todays is the 23RD tommorow the 24th and then 25th! We gave rocky a little stocking! maybe santa will put something in for him! Anyways Best Wishes to you for the Holidays!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Samantha and Rocky :P

Posted: 2:04 PM, 2007-Dec-23
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Rocky the Half Pug - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to YOU!

Merry Chritsmas and a Happy New Year

Me and Rocky wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We will see you in 2008! or sooner.

Yours Truley,

Rocky and Me!

Posted: 3:07 PM, 2007-Dec-15
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Rocky the Half Pug - Its almost Christmas!

hey guys! rocky is doing great and is normal ( as usual ) Well as you know its almost christmas and i know what exactly rocky is going to get this year :P Here, he is going  to get a few doggie toys, doggie treats last but not least a huge pillow for him to go on!!!!! i can't wait till we get it :) Poor rocky, there is going to be 25 Centemeters of snow!! i hate snow but i think rocky loves it! he always jumps in :P! anyways we will give a little letter from me and rocky to you!



Posted: 3:04 PM, 2007-Dec-15
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Rocky The Half Pug-- What a Bad BOY! ( stats are included in this entry )

OMG! rocky has been really, no lets put it this way ROCKY IS BEING A BAD BOY LATELY!! He is chewing the corner of the houses ( base boards ) he chewing, everything! And he is not teething because, he is not a puppy anymore, so i don't think its that! Oh and you wanna here this??? rocky broke my moms glasses :-| not a good thing my mom needs to see with them!! he took out the part that sits on your ears, and he chewed the glass along with the frame. So now my mom has to get a new pair :P I have no idea why he is doing that for : ) Here are Rocky's Stats:

              ROCKY'S     STATS

Mood: Confused/Sleepy

What is he Doing at the Moment? Watching TV

Hungry: 4/5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ( )

Happieness: 3/5 ♥ ♥ ♥ ( ) ( )

Thats all for now,

Posted: 4:45 PM, 2007-Dec-7
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Rocky The Half Pug It Snowed today

hey guys today it snowed  and i am soo happy/ but mad at the same time... i am happy because i get to see a new season and rocky is having a great time but i hate it cause its cold! living in a cold  place (canada) YOU PAY A CONSEQUENCE! LOL anyways rocky is doing great and hopefully i can get some funtastic snow pictures of rocky for you guys! anyways HERE ARE ROCKY STATS!

                            ROCKYS'                              STATS                        

Mood at the moment:  Hyper

How much Does rocky weigh? 20 LB

Whats rocky's colour fur at the moment: getting lighter Brown

How old is Rocky Again: 1 years old

Thats all for now I am going to be posting ''FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR DOG'' in my nexy blog entry anyways,



Posted: 5:23 PM, 2007-Nov-23
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Rocky the Half Pug - Its a Rainy Day today

 Well today isn't that great of a day..... it was rainy today! Before we went to school today we took rocky for his walkies and he was shivering... poor guy! But hes fine FOR NOW! He loves the snow LOL! he dives into it as if it were water! oh and that is not a real picture of him LOL! I got it from or WHO KNOWS but its not mine but i though it was cute! Rocky is just to cute! He Pretty much almost looks like that exept for the ears! LOL anyways,


Posted: 4:04 PM, 2007-Nov-21
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Rocky the Pug Morning Sickness

Hey Guys Rocky is doing well sooo far Rocky is doing ok but he caught a little morning sickness so right now he is tired and wants to relax!! so I won't bother him! He Puked... and ya.. thats all for today!! Rocky should be fine now             Pugs101                                                                       

Posted: 2:34 PM, 2007-Oct-7
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Rocky The Pug Jealous Of my Tamagotchi?

Oh no....... I just Unpaused my Tamagotchi that was like paused for I don't no???? 3 MONTHS!!  I know I know! and I Like tamagotchis again and I finished decorating it with Purple Glue Sparkles! ( MyV.4 IS pInK) and it looks sooo nice but Its already 2 hours since its been drying!!! JEEESEEEEEEE! Rocky is fine!


 Stats Time for Rocky 


Mood: Bored

LOL thats all I got to say!! he is sleepy? LOL




Posted: 1:17 PM, 2007-Oct-6
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Rocky The Pug What the Weekend Awaits

yessss a pretty much.............................* ok mom *sorry my mom asked for a paper towel role anyways

another boring weekend but not quite! Today is my Baby Cousin ( OLIVIAS ) birthday! and I can't wait! this month we have soo many brithdays my moms, rockys, and now Olivias! Yayayayaya I can't wait to see her this evening!I totally can't wait! but today rocky is staying at my house we don't want  rocky to disturb her and my aunt doesn't really want rocky to come she likes him but now that she has a baby ..... maybe not LOL anyways...............................

Happy 1st Birthday Olivia! To our Perfect LITTLE PRINCESS!

Samantha F.

Posted: 1:04 PM, 2007-Oct-6
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Rocky The Pug Listening to My i-pod

Yes..... Rocky is to spoiled and today he was listening to my i-pod! I was listening to

Lil'Mama = LipGloss and the part ''ItsPopping *boomboom'*'' Rockys ears went up LOL it was soo funny he likes some of the songs and he doesn't move he actually sits Still! LOL now he actually want to take my ipod! AHHHH LOL!

iPod *apple*

Yours Truley,




Posted: 5:20 PM, 2007-Oct-4
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Rocky the Pug The Flash Back Where it all started..........

Yes it was a bright and shiny morning maybe too early and yes my mother had told me we were going to some farm and i thought it was cool to go see animals and stuff so early that day were driving in the car for about an hour and my mom lied that she  ''forgot''  where to go and went to go ask a person in there house for the ''DIRECTIONS'' soo me my dad and my brother are waiting in the care thinking what the heck is my mom doing in there drinking her Coffee???????!!!!!!!!! soo like almost a half an hour goes by we are still in the car and my mom walks out pf the house with a BRAND NEW PUPPY i couldn't believe my eyes I really couldn't he was sooo tiny! Heres a Picture take a LOOK1

Yes thats him thats him way back then...... a year ago they grow soo fast but like I was saying I couldn't believe what I saw a cute little puppy  I said '' Mommy Mommy is it True We don't have to bring him back?'' And she said no! He was tiny compared to all the other pictures you saw of him... anyways soo we were Driving him to his new Home! As we got closer poor guy go sick in the care and Puked I WAS LAUGHING because he puked on my brother LOL I will never forget  he was sooo disgusted!! LOL anways thats the flash Back Of Rocky The Pug!

Posted: 1:52 PM, 2007-Sep-29
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 Right now I am totally Mad For One Thing Rocky Chews Everything! He rips my toys in half when I am not looking or when I am not in the House MHHHHNMMMMM................He Broke my Picture frame...........................................................................AHHH well what can I say thats what dog dooo BUT STILL!! Everytime I close my door he ends up getting in somehow ( my mom, my brother, or my dad leaves my door open ) wait why does my brother go into my room? anyways  But he always acts Like a Little angel Like nothing seems to be wrong



When My parents Get mad at him or If my brother gets mad at him I feel so bad at start kissing him and saying '' ITS OK ROCKY ITS OK!''  But now I  understand why my parents  get mad at him I always did understand but........whatever I am going to be  writing a ROCKY FLASHBACK! tell him all his pasts!


Yours Truley,


Posted: 1:45 PM, 2007-Sep-29
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