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Tamagotchi Philippines

Tamagotchi Plus Color Sale at

{ 2:20 PM, Monday, June 15, 2009 } { Posted in Global News } { 4 comments } { Link }

The "world's favorite Asian exporter",, has a couple of Tamagotchi Plus Colors on sale today.  They have two colors of the Tamagotchi Plus Colors, namely Navy and Orange, on sale at $69.99.  The TMGC+C's usual price in is $88.99.

I'm not sure as to how long this bargain sale would last, but if you want to import this first ever colored Tamagotchi, probably this is the best time to do so.

And the baby of the family arrives

{ 4:22 PM, Thursday, June 11, 2009 } { Posted in Tamagotchi Chibi } { 2 comments } { Link }

Hello 42 other relatives!  Meet the latest addition to the Tamafamily, the Tamagotchi Chibi!

This is the Tamagotchi Chibi, a special type of Tamagotchi created around 2006.  This is usually used as an accessory rather than playing it as a pet due to its simplistic nature and tiny build.  It is even smaller than the first Tamagotchi, the Gen1/P1 tamagotchi that came out in 1996.

There are no icons found here, no infrared connections, no games and no statistics to worry about.  It is shall we say, a no-brainer tamagotchi.  It's so easy that you won't really think and get worried about it.

Similar to the other tamagotchis, it has three buttons to control this virtual pet.  The left button does it all.  If you see poo on the screen, press the left button and it activates the flush option.  If you feel that your tamagotchi is hungry, press the left button and it brings up the food and snack menu.  The middle button is the select / time button.  If the food snack menu is brought up, this is the button to press to select food or snack.  It also brings up the clock if in case you are at the main screen of the toy.  The rightmost button is the cancel button.  If there's a menu open, just press this to close it.  Pressing the left and right buttons together brings up the turn off/on sound menu.

To see how small it is, I've placed it side-by-side with a Tamagotchi P1/Gen1 and a Keitai Akai.  In case you aren't familiar with the Japan-only Keitai Akai, its size is the same as the Tamagotchi Connection V3.

The Chibi was released worldwide as well under the name, Tamagotchi Mini.

Looking back: The Tamagotchi Keitai + Akai

{ 4:50 PM, Wednesday, June 10, 2009 } { Posted in Keitai and Akai } { 0 comments } { Link }

Released in Japan back in 2005, the Akai is a special Tamagotchi Keitai that features a mono-color red LCD and prominently red characters (e.g. tomato [Tomatchi], cherry [Cherrytchi/Chieritchi], heart [Heartchi/Haatotchi] based characters) and foods (e.g. pizza, red rice). 

It has virtually the same features as the the Tamagotchi Keitai (or K-Plus).  It can connect with its fellow Akai Tamagotchi as well as Japanese mobile phones (hence the Keitai culture branding), the Hanerutchi, the Home Deka and the store-only Deka Tamagotchi.

It has three games similar to the Keitai but with different graphics: "Throw away Poo", "Mail", and "Swim Race."  "Throw Away Poo" has you catching falling Tama Poo in trash cans. "Mail" has your tama bumping falling letters into a mailbox.  Swim Race has your tama competing against two other Tamagotchis in a swimming competition.  As the owner, you must predict what place your Tamagotchi would finish in the race.

I haven't found any Japanese phone yet that can connect with these Tamagotchis, but I've tried connecting these to my Home Deka as well as breeding it with another Akai with great success.

Personally, I don't like the red LCD that this unit has.  The graphics are quite hard to see in any lighting condition except when you look at it straight on.  You could barely see anything in another angle.

Still looking forward to a backlit Tamagotchi like the Tamagotchi Color.

My Tamagotchi Family - June 2009

{ 2:11 AM, Tuesday, June 9, 2009 } { Posted in Random Ramblings } { 2 comments } { Link }

It's a Tamagotchi explosion!  44 in all!  Insane!  How the family has grown since the last My Tamagotchi Family edition!

First Row: Tamagotchi Connection V2, Mecagotch, Home Deka, Tamagotchi Connection V4.5, Tamagotchi Connection V4.5, Tamagotchi Color, Tamagotchi Color

Second Row: Osutchi, Mesutchi, Osutchi, Tamagotchi Connection V4, Tamagotchi Connection V4, Tamagotchi Connection V3, Tamagotchi Connection V3, Entama, Entama

Third Row: Tamagotchi Plus, Tamagotchi Plus, Tamagotchi Connection V5, Tamagotchi Connection V5, Tamagotchi Connection V5, Tamagotchi Connection V5, Tamagotchi Connection V5.5 (Celebrity Familitchi), Tamagotchi Connection V5.5 (Celebrity Familitchi), Keitai, Keitai

Fourth Row: Tamaotch, Morino, Morino, Mothra, Angelgotch, Tamagotchi Angel, Generation 1 (P1), Generation 2 (P2), Generation 1 (P1), Generation 2 (P2)

Fifth Row: Tamagotchi Connection V4, Tamagotchi Connection V4, Akai Keitai, Akai Keitai, Tamagotchi Connection V6 (Music Star), Tamagotchi Connection V6 (Music Star), Tamawalkie, Uratama

You could form some sort of Tamagotchi timeline with these!

TMGC+C Hexagontchi - To be released August 2009

{ 12:01 AM, Monday, June 8, 2009 } { Posted in Global News } { 1 comments } { Link }

Japanese are really lucky when it comes to tamagotchis. 

A Japanese only release, the TMGC+C (Tamagotchi Color) is getting another variant after the Exmotchi.  Called the Hexagontchi, this TMGC+C variant will be based on FujiTV's "Quiz Hexagon" show.  This variant will have a special feature that feautres a character named Shinsukegotchi.  Whenever he appears, he will ask your Tamagotchi a quiz question.  Answer correctly, and your tamagotchi will earn smart points.

So far, it has been reported that it will be available in red and white shell colors.

The McDonald's Tamagotchi Toys in the Philippines

{ 1:32 AM, Friday, June 5, 2009 } { Posted in Philippine News } { 0 comments } { Link }


During the month of May, the McDonald's Happy Meals here in the Philippines came with one of sixth designs of the tamagotchi toys.

The six designs are: Kuchipatchi Burger Catch, Makdotchi McDonald's, Memetchi Dessert Time, Mametchi McDonald's, Kikitchi Meal Time, and Mametchi Drive Thru. 

Let me give a run-through and my opinions about each one.

Kuchipatchi Burger Catch
Although I've seen negative comments about the Kuchipatchi Burger Catch, this for me one, if not the best toy, of the bunch.  This is also the biggest toy size-wise.  When you open the eggshell, it reveals a clear dome-like shell.  Inside the dome, a Kuchipatchi figure awaits with three burgers and three trays.  It is actually a mini-game where you use the flipper found in the bottom part of the eggshell casing and flip the burgers on each of the trays.  Flip too hard, and the burgers may end up stuck behind the counter!
Makdotchi McDonald's
This toy for me is one of the best toys among the lot as well.  Makdotchi is behind the counter.  You push the white button repeatedly (as if ringing an order), Makdotchi moves left and right, and slowly, a strip of stickers appears from the bottom of the eggshell.  Use the white dial to roll the strip back inside the eggshell.
Kikitchi Meal Time
I'm disappointed with this one.  You are provided with a card with two "bumps" on its sides, each with a picture of fries and chicken nuggets.  When you insert the side with the picture of the fries in a slot found in the bottom of the shell, fries pop out.  When you insert the end with the picture of the nuggets, the box of nuggets near Kikitchi pops open.  That's it.  Apparently, it simulates Kikitchi eating fries and nuggets.  Go figure.

Mametchi Drive-Thru
I rate this as a so-so.  You see a car and a mini McDonald's store.  Push the blue car all the way to the left as though simulating a drive-thru, Mametchi will pop out from the store as if to take your order and a secret compartment will pop out as well from the bottom containing a small McDonald's writing pad.  Don't mind the missing pad from the photo.

Mametchi McDonald's
This is a bit of a disappointment as well.  It features a sample McDonald's restaurant.  When you press the McDonald's logo on top, Mametchi pops out in front of the restaurant along with two other food items from the sides.  That's it.
Memetchi Dessert Time
It's similar to the Makdotchi McDonald's with a little less interaction.  Instead of having a button, it only has a dial that makes Memetchi move left and right and makes a paper strip appear as well.

Review: GoosyPets

{ 1:17 AM, Thursday, June 4, 2009 } { Posted in Other Virtual Pets } { 0 comments } { Link }

As the news from the Tamagotchi-side is a bit slow, nearing creeping, for the past weeks, I decided to dabble in some other virtual pets available out there to add another article to my small "Other Virtual Pets" section.

GoosyPets is a sort-of new mobile virtual pet game available for most mobile phones that can support java games.  Currently available in twelve animals (Panda, Croc, Hippo, Cow, Dragon, Turtle, Tiger, Pony, Sheep, Cat, Pig, Dog), GoosyPets' main billing is a unique interactive experience with your pet while competing against other users via an online ranking system.

For this review, I chose the pig.  Once you've played with one, you've played with them all as so far, I haven't seen any difference from any of the pets except for the animal graphic used.  The pig moves the same as the dragon or cat.

Your pet can explore four areas, snow, forest, desert and a strange cartoony mushroom-filled area.  Often, there are pink boxes containing a random item littered across the land of each area.  Aside from the graphics change, there is no advantage in placing your pet in one area.  It doesn't matter if your pet is in the hot desert area or frigid snow scene.  All scenes are treated the same way.

As you have 5 status bars to fill (hunger, happiness, health, knowledge and cleanliness), each item you collect is truly essential as it is quite tedious to get these for your pet's use.  The only other way to get items is via this small item catching mini-game where you have to catch all the good items (hearts, coins, gifts) and avoid the bad ones (acid, bombs, fireballs). 

It's unfortunate though that the developers of the game decided to make the acquisition of the pet items so tedious.  Via the item catching game, you can only get a maximum of two items per attempt.  What's more, the items that you get from the game are totally random.  You may need to get a food item to solve your pet's hunger problem, but continually get items for cleanliness purposes.  As you will need quite a number of items to fill a specific status bar, getting only 1 food-related item after 40 mini-games is hell!  Good thing your pet doesn't die or run away (I hope).

The other items that you can get via the game are coins.  However, after playing this game for more than two weeks already, I still don't see the purpose of the coins.  There is no shop available where you can purchase items.  I thought that there was a shop online to use them for, but I was wrong.  You can use the coins though to bet in the slot machine in order to get more coins though.  I hope that after a month of playing, something unlocks to enable the usage of coins in another way.

Yes, so far, those were the only two mini-games available (item catching and slot machine).

The game runs in real time so its status bars will decrease even when your phone is turned off. 

As for the online implementation, apart from sending your pet's status along with your accumulated points (which you won't know until you've sent them online), there is no other purpose for this except maybe for bragging rights in the leader boards.  There is no user interaction or more available options online.

I like the way they implemented the stat gain when using the items.  Items acquired can be divided into seven categories: food, drink, sweets, medicine, toys, study materials and bath items.  These items increase and/or decrease one or more of your pet's stats.  The toys, for example, increase happiness and a little bit of health while decreasing your pet's cleanliness.  The sweets gain a lot of happiness but severely decrease the health.  You need to strike a good balance on what type of item to use first.

So far though, I haven't seen the difference between the items belonging to the same category when it comes to stat gain.  Feeding your pet corn is seemingly the same as feeding it a bone or nuts.  Using a shower is seemingly similar to brushing its teeth.  I don't think there's a pet favorite item.  It's just a nitpick, but it would've been nice to have this implemented.

I'm disappointed that the developers seemingly didn't put a lot of effort in the animation department as a lot are reused over and over.  Feeding your pet grass has the same animation and graphics as feeding it a bone (the bowl with something in it animation). Using a brush and using soap has the same animation and graphics (soapy tub animation).  Giving your pet a ball and a dumbbell is the same as well (ball playing with dumbbells on the ground).  Is it too much to ask to see these specific items in action?  I'd love to see my pig lift those dumbbells.

Standby animations seemingly have a couple of built-in animations too.  Your pig will either be laughing (if all the bars are near full or full) or sick (if at least one of the bars is low or empty.)

Sound is quite non-existent.  Apart from the barely audible opening theme and the first pop, scratch and beep, the game eerily becomes deathly silent.  I'm not sure if this is a bug in the game's programming.  I wanted to at least hear my pig grunt.

I know that the developers wanted to market this as a casual game, but crippling it just isn't the way.  I'm not asking to turn it into a full-fledged pet raising simulation.  I just want to provide something that makes the player want to play the game more instead of leaving a lot of what the heck is this for after the game experience.  Never in a virtual pet game had I felt so detached.

Unfortunately, my pig will always remain that same pig I raised after a month. The repetitive way of item acquisition and pet care is the game's biggest let down.  There is no room provided to expand the game play and further improve on the experience. One can only take so much "mechanical" behavior before one loses interest in the game.

The game may seem promising at first, but there's only a certain extent of fun it can provide before the owner gets sick of the game due to lack of substance.

More colors of the Tamagotchi Color

{ 12:01 AM, Wednesday, June 3, 2009 } { Posted in Global News } { 2 comments } { Link }

Four more shell colors will soon be available for the Tamagotchi Color sometime this year.

Unfortunately though, we might not see Tamagotchi Color (aka TMGC+C) sold in the Philippines again at least in the near future. It's been months already since Toy Kingdom's meager stock sold out.

V4s on Sale!

{ 11:40 PM, Tuesday, June 2, 2009 } { Posted in Philippine News } { 4 comments } { Link }

I'm posting this about a month late, but they're still available, so I figured, why not?

If you want a brand new tamagotchi of your very own, why not try buying a brand new Tamagotchi Connection version 4 for a very low price of Php 300 (about 6.37 US dollars).  Its original price is Php 999.75.  This V4 with this price is available in a number of major toy stores in the country.

This is probably the lowest price a brand new Tamagotchi has ever been here commercially available in a toy store.

The Tamagotchi Music Star: World Tour Edition

{ 11:37 PM, Monday, June 1, 2009 } { Posted in Global News } { 3 comments } { Link }

*note: photo above is not the Music Star: World Tour Edition

Way back in February, Bandai has issued a press release ( about a Tamagotchi V6 (aka Tamagotchi Music Star) refresh in the fall of 2009 called the Tamagotchi Music Star: World Tour Edition. 

It will also come in two packages similar to that of the V4.5.  The V4.5 had the single package containing only the unit and the special package with a specially-designed V4.5, the tree microphone and CD.  This time, the World Tour edition will also come in the single package and the special "World Tour Set" package that contains a specially designed Music Star, a Tamagotchi wristlet and VIP cards that grant access to a special online item and a character poster.

The single package is aimed to come out in August, while the Tour Set is set to hit the shelves in September. 

From past experiences though, unless Bandai Asia decides to distribute this as well here in Asia on the same months as the North American release, we'll probably have this one around sometime in December 2009 or January 2010.

[Preview] The Tamagotchi Toys in McDonald's Happy Meals

{ 12:03 PM, Saturday, May 30, 2009 } { Posted in Philippine News } { 2 comments } { Link }
Tamagotchi Happy Meal Toys
As one of my loyal readers requested, here is a photo of all the Tamagotchi Toys currently available when you purchase a Happy Meal in Mcdonald's Philippines.

I personally like the blue one as it has you flipping burgers into grooves (trays) near Kuchipatchi.

Lack of updates

{ 1:15 AM, Friday, May 29, 2009 } { Posted in Random Ramblings } { 4 comments } { Link }
Hi guys and gals,

I apologize for the lack of updates in the Tamagotchi Philippines blog.  My time is quite preoccupied with work nowadays, but I'll be back in June with updates including the recent and not-so-recent Tamagotchi stuff in the Philippines.

For the quick updates:

1. The biggest question: Have I lost interest with Tamagotchi?
>> No.  The Tamagotchi is still quite part of my life.  I still have my collection and it is still growing in number, even expanding to other Tamagotchi-themed items.  Am I still able to take care of them?  Not all of them unfortunately. 

2. McDonald's Tamagotchi
>> Yes, there are Tamagotchi items in McDonald's Philippines.  They come in 6 designs as part of the Happy Meal.  They are not the same as our beloved pet Tamagotchis with buttons, but rather, they are toys based on Tamagotchi.  And yes, I have them all.

3. Tamagotchi in the Philippines
>> Apart from the Music Star, also known as V6, there are no new releases of the Tamagotchi yet in the Philippines.  However, you can get a brand new Tamagotchi Connection V4 at an extremely low price of Php 300 in Toy Kingdom!  Yes, you got that right!

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