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JD's Touch Pet - part 1

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JD's Touch Pet
Now, here's a virtual pet from China that may look similar to the Tamagotchi.  Coming from the factories of JD, the company who makes Tamagotchi knock-offs in order to steal some of the Tamagotchi's popularity, this electronic device has pets who look eerily similar to the one's in Bandai's Tamagotchi.  Even their packaging bears Tamagotchi-like graphics.

For a "fake" though, it's interesting that JD did away with the buttons and opted to go touch screen.  Maybe, it is the trend nowadays.  It's antenna, the little blue one that doubles as its psuedo-antenna, is a mini stylus.  It also comes with an instruction sheet that comes in 8 languages like English, Spanish, French, and of course Chinese.

They call it Version 4 when they added the touch screen.  I saw JD's Version 3 with infrared and buttons.  However, notice the instruction sheet above that came along with it?  It says Version 3.  Crap.  They packaged a Version 4 with Version 3 instructions.  There goes your quality control.

It comes in two colors, ugly green like the one I got above just out of curiosity, and dull pink.  Luckily, it's cheaper than Bandai's Tamagotchi at Php 170 (a little above 4 dollars).  No major wallet damage here.

It's bigger than your tamagotchi as it sports a bigger screen

Perhaps, one good thing so far when it comes to its packaging is that its hard plastic that protects the tamagotchi from thieves and environmental damage is pretty easy to cut open with a cutter or X-acto knife.  Bandai's packaging is insanely tough on the cutter, even breaking my blade in one occasion.

JD's Touch Pet
I pulled the tab to activate it, and lo and behold, an egg appears, just like the Tamagotchi.  It asks you for the time and date, as well as your tamagotchi's name.  The in-game graphics are pretty big as seen from the pictures above.  It's so big that it only lets you input three letters for your pets name, just like those high score boards in the video arcade.

I was pretty surprised at the sensitiveness of their touch screen.  It is in fact very very good, way better than I expected.  It's very responsive, needing only one light touch to select an icon.  You can even use your finger to activate the icons without hitting the others accidentally.  Great job, JD!

When my egg hatched, oh my, I was staring actually looking at Bandai's shiroteletchi!  Copycat!  I clicked on the food icon, and it let me choose from a scone-like food and barbecue.  I picked the scone-like, and strangely, whenever it ate, it turns into a "Tamagotchi Version 3 Bill" tamagotchi.  Guess JD didn't want to add more pet animations to its other functions.

It went to sleep afterwards since I opened this package at night.  The moment it reached 8 PM, the "Shiroteletchi" went to sleep with its animation similar to the sleeping Bandai version.  At least, it doesn't keep you up at night anymore as other users reported in its previous incarnations.

In Part 2, I'll give a game review after I tinkered with it for a day or two.

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