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The Tamagotchi V5 Event in the Philippines (Final Part)

{ 7:03 AM, Wednesday, July 23, 2008 } { Posted in Philippine News } { 0 comments } { Link }

There were so many kids that participated in the Tamagotchi V5 event that the stage could barely hold all of them all at once.  It did not help that Mametchi was taking up a huge chunk of the stage as well.  At this point, I was actually afraid that Mametchi might fall as the kids were lightly shoving at each other just so they can be up front so that their parents can take their photograph.

Here is the winning V4 design last year in the Junior Category.  It's a boxing-related design, probably inspired by a game or a Manny Pacquiao fight some time last year.  I wasn't able to capture the Senior Category winner though.

That's it!  I hope that there will be another one next year to promote the V6.

P.S. You may be wondering what I got this time to remember this event by.  If you've been reading this blog before, you may remember that last year, I got a mini-clock coming from a Gashapon.  The machine vending it was only seen for a short time here in the country.

Remember that in Part 3, I remarked that Mametchi's head was soft?  Well, I was actually up there in the stage as well, because....

Yes, I actually won a special award for having a V5 Tamagotchi with the most Rare Items collected.  It was a bit unnerving sharing the limelight with kids half my height, but hey, the lady manning the registration counter convinced me to join especially since the special awards did not have any age limits.  I guess they never expected one like me around that area anyways to have a Tamagotchi in the first place.

I had all the rare items in my yellow Tamagotchi V5, so I knew that this will fetch an award.  I actually had all of the souvenirs and regular items as well but they decided to give it to another kid (He actually bagged 3 of these gift bags as he had 99,999 gotchi points and all the souvenirs and regular items as well --- certified Tamagotchi addict he is!).  I'll be actually doing the same thing as well since I don't want to hog all of the prizes for the kids.  One is enough.

So what's inside the gift bag?

Basically a lot of Bandai stuff not found here in the Philippines!  I estimate all of these to be around Php 1000 worth of prizes.  One thing missing here is another female model figure box (I forgot which anime it came from) as I gave it away.  It was a girl plastic figurine wearing a school uniform.

This officially ends my coverage of the Tamagotchi V5 event here in the Philippines.  In case you want to go back, here are the links:

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